Sports Premium


During past years, the government has allocated schools a sum of money, which is dedicated to enhancing and improving the provision of PE and Sport.

We are delighted that they have, once again, announced the continuation of this PE and Sports Premium for the 2023/24 academic year.

The fund helps schools to deliver additional sporting opportunities to children and to raise the profile of sport within the school community and beyond.

We have successfully met all of our PE and Sports targets set in July 2022, as detailed below:

  • Target: To give our pupils a greater voice to enable us to shape our provision to suit their interests and needs.
    Our pupils have chosen all of their own after-school clubs, the activities/toys for their play times and created their own playlist for ‘Disco Fridays’, where we all get the chance to dance and sing to our favourite songs on the playground! The pupil surveys also helped us choose our theme days and some of our other extra PE opportunities.

  • Target: To further develop the role of play leaders within our setting.
    Our play leaders had some special training this year and now have a selection of their own equipment that they can use to deliver activities during break times. We now look to embed this further.

  • Target: To adapt our PE and sports delivery so that ALL children can say that they enjoy PE. During our last pupil survey, we had two children in key stage 2 who stated that they do not like PE.
    This target was aimed at two particular children. One of them now says that they enjoy PE (except football!). The other child has had a hugely successful and positive year of PE this year and has even represented our school at a sports event.  Both of these children have shown huge improvements and we are very proud of this.

  • Target: To offer our children the opportunity to attend a live sporting event.
    Our years 5 and 6 children were given the opportunity to go and watch Somerset play cricket in Taunton this year. This was an incredibly inspiring opportunity, which was enjoyed by everyone who attended!

  • Target: To enable our children to experience more non-traditional sports as well as popular sports.
    As part of the children’s pupil voice survey, many children requested karate and taekwondo. Following this, we were able to offer our pupils a series of karate lessons.

  • Target: To be innovative, ambitious and strive to be even better.
    This target is an ongoing one, that is woven within everything that we do. We have achieved this target numerous times and will continue to do so.


Other key successes at St Andrew’s over the past year include:

  • A second consecutive Gold Award through the School Games Mark initiative.

  • A successful collaboration with Woodroffe to offer all teachers CPD and opportunities to team teach with a secondary PE specialist.

  • Subsidised after school sports clubs for all children.

  • PE intervention groups for selected children.

  • Collaborations with sporting stars and clubs including Somerset cricketer Josh Davey, Axe Vale Netball Club, Devon Cricket, 

  • Taking part in Acorn Multi Academy Trust, Primary Sports, East Devon and Triangle Tournament sporting events:
    1st – Acorn MAT Athletics Event.
    1st – Acorn MAT Netball Tournament.
    1st – Acorn MAT Tag Rugby Tournament.
    2nd – Acorn MAT Football League.
    2nd – Acorn MAT Catchball Tournament.
    Finalists – Devon Virtual Gymnastics Event.

  • Continued involvement in Stockland Cross Country.

  • Involvement in personal challenge events, aimed at children who find competitive pressure and team games tricky.

Here are our 2023/24 targets, we will have already begun work on in preparation for the new school year:

  • To embed the use of play leaders within our break and lunch times.

  • To support our teachers to be ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ PE teachers.

  • To continue to inspire ALL children to break down stereotypes and follow their dreams.

  • To maintain and strengthen the links that have been created with local sports clubs.

  • To be ambitious, innovative and strive to be even better!



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